Mar 262017

Manchester UK, city of workers, crafts(Wo)men, hard working people. City of machines also; worldwide the first place where machines made a difference and started the Industrial Revolution.

In this Manchester we don’t find it strange to find a Mistress ruling, with the smile of Manor’s Lady but with the stamina of the Working Class to use the machine on you until your kingdom comes.

Meet Miss Ruby Marks

Nov 182016

As a (semi-)professional blogger for an interesting niche like the Femdom C/community, one sometimes has to find a reason to post an article, just because the laptop carries for days a picture. This picture –

professional-dominatrix-manchester-mistress-lola-ruin-website-3This pic is not really hot or something to me, but it is tantalizing…

“Who is this Woman who is looking at me?”

Well, this is Mistress Lola Ruin, from Manchester Engeland, and the news”fact” is that she’s coming to London (wow! :)

Enjoy her site, you might enjoy her online movies for sale and enjoy her wrath :)

PS – In Dutch, you might know this blog originates from The Netherlands, RUIN means castrated stallion :) (And the Mistress already knows it.)