Mar 192015

Caramel-tour-2015Madame Caramel is a busy Woman nowadays. One moment she works from Dubai, and the other she Dominates London, or appears in Bucharest Romania or somewhere in The States. These days she pays The Pays Bays, The Netherlands, a harshfull visit.

I arrive the 19th till 23rd. Limited bookings only in a Domestic setting with a possibility of double Domme and Bi sessions.

No only the travelling Black Mistress is invited by elderly statesmen who let her punish their fucking brains out because they have got to deal with too much power in everyday life (I’m sorry, here in The Netherlands we’ve just had elections ;). Also Women request the probably hardest ánd caring Dominatrix on the planet to coach them along the ins and outs of true Female Domination.

But luckily for many Madame Caramel has an open eye and ear and willing whip for the average Joes, like you and I. If you’re into it of course, and if you can bear her purgation. Here on the right you’ll see her planned schedule. You can contact her directly – don’t be afraid, as previous said, she’s very caring also – on this page. <- Nice booking questionnaire btw.


Nov 272013

MdmeCaramel2De Engelse Meesteres Madame Caramel en de Nederlandse Dominatrix Dinah zijn momenteel weer in Dubai, Verenigde Arabische Emiraten. Aldaar laten zij zich fêteren door welgestelde onderdanige heren in ruil voor harrrde actie. Als ze in “probably the most beautiful city on Earth” zijn, wordt de communicatie voor de Dames gedaan door een agentschap tevens website: MistressDubai.Com.  Dat doet die club wel goed. Vannacht kregen we een berichtje binnen: “Free Movies of Dubai Mistresses”. Een vertalinkje was snel gedaan –

Madame Caramel en Dominatrix Dinah hebben ieder een eigen YouTubekanaal. De video’s gaan over foot fetisj, dog play, latex fetisj, vernedering en nog veel meer.

MrsDinah-speelsBent u na het zien van de filmpjes in de stemming gekomen voor het echte werk? Dan kunt u contact opnemen met de Meesteres van uw keuze:

Madame Caramel: +971 556 795 335 of
Dominatrix Dinah: +971 505 177 251 of



Nov 052013

Een kort bericht voor een kort fillempie. Weet u nog? Club Black Whip was midden oktober in Amsterdam. Nou, daar is een kort filmpje van (28 seconden). Helaas niet te embedden, vandaar alleen de link:

Poor fellow *grin*

Notice also the caring and thanking words of – I guess – Madame Caramel at the end.

PS – klik naast de tijdregistratie, dan gaat het filmpje lopen.

Feb 092013

Madame Caramel started her world tour 2013. Lucky for us she added Holland to her list from the 20th – 23th of February.
Madame Caramel is a beautiful dark Dominatrix from London. She gives creative and exciting session with a sensual twist. Read all about Madame Caramel on her website.

Satisfy your curiosity and watch Madame Caramel in one of her many videos on her members site or her clips4sale store.

Madame Caramel

Nov 202012

The Belgian Fetish Liza and Madame Caramel from London will be holding sessions at Hoxton Dungeon Suite on December 11th 2012 from 10am till late.
It really is something special to have the international top fetish model Liza with a top Dominatrix together. The bookings are getting filled very quickly.

So if you want this special treat contact Madame Caramel quickly and request an audience: contact

Fetish Liza Madame Caramel