Apr 282017

A relatively new Femdom site (Nov.’16), a new angle/niche and astonishing Women and T-Women… Ladies & gents, Y/you might have heard of them, but if you don’t, take a look at:

FemdomPowerhouse.Com (@ ur service)

They’re hiring!

TS Girls
If you’re a dominant transexual and interested in joining the Femdom Powerhouse team please email: femdom.powerhouse@gmail.com

Strong, dominant Females
Experienced Dommes, or new to the scene, either way if you’d like to be part of the FPH family get in touch to find out more. Email: femdom.powerhouse@gmail.com

 Touring Dommes
Are you an experienced Mistress who wants to come and have a working holiday in either Belfast or County Cavan? We can put you up, show you the sites and advertise you on our website and twitter saying you’re touring. Email: femdom.ph@gmail.com

Filming slaves
We are working with a friend in the UK and are on the look out for small, slim built males who are willing to show their face and be beaten up by beautiful woman! Nothing extreme and no drawing of blood, just some fun filming. Email: femdom.ph@gmail.com

Interested? Are U/u writing? Please tell them too you’ve heard it at Klapjes.com. We forsee a good and agenda-setting cooperation with those People. Have fun!

Mar 212017

Remember the Klondike Gold Rush? Oh wait, we’re not that old :) What we mean is: which business always florishes in every thinkable hype? Indeed, the suppliers. The providers of shuffles, sieves, wheelbarrows and pickaxes in times of gold rushes.

We came across an interesting supplier of adult sites: the UK-site Burn the Night. They offer all services next to the core-content: e-marketing, blogs, administration tools, the works.

Also for keyboard hero’s

And yes, if you are an enthusiastic websurfer with some writing skills, you’re invited in the FAQ‘s to contact them.

So, whether you are ‘content’ of a potential popular site or an insomniatic webwriter, ánd Burn the Night sets you on the path of success, don’t forget where you heard about it.

Good luck, have fun and stay close to yourself!

Dec 022016

Mail correspondence with Madame Gabrielle (in her function as Head Mistress of the Court of Empress Patricia the First) shows that Mistresses can apply for positions within the Nobility of the Empress.

Below a current (and growing!) list of Women with a formal State function and the regions where they operate from.

In the screenshot Madame Gabrielle’s actual statement which invites all interested Mistresses to contact her at womania@womaniaempire.com. Here uhm … well, here’s the job description actually.


Nov 042016

Her Royal Highness Countess Cane is a New York Mistress and rather active. Her website offers loads of information, as well as for Dommes, as for subgents.

This is She…


… and this her voice and what she’s got to say:
Listen to “HRHCountessCane” on Spreaker.

Oct 292016

Madame Estelle, scat Queen, and Dominatrix Lisa, pegging Goddess, teamed-up in Dubai, where they are NOW, as we speak: burning male confidence, scatter man’s pride and enjoying Pain de la Testosterone

For now – this is in UAE/Dubai – or ever:

… mail them your cravings:


Madame Estelle wants YOU for her poubelle

Mistress Lisa's latex clothing wishlist
Sep 012016

13-8-2014 The site has been some time here with us in the right column of the Dutch Klapjes version. Yet, with the slight growing-up of the .com-version, it has to be mentioned in an early stage.

Why? It is some kind of phenomenon on Tumbler and (that’s what I find) this work is slippery hot. The niche: cuckoldry, the format: more or less daily a small text in an expressive picture.

Of what I’m talking about? The My erotic bunny-project of course.

Go to the site with daily updates. If you like it, donate some pocket money. Help him in his persuit of becoming a writer.

Oct 262015

NL-vlag-VLCome to my temporary Queendom in the UK (London). You’re permitted to enter our room.

pia-a-26-10-15ON YOU KNEES

(nicely done, good on you)

I’ll be here from October 31st upto November 7th. My phone number for the UK is:  (++44).(0)74.25.766.468 or you can mail to the known e-address: ladypia@outlook.com

Here, let me get you acquainted with the shower, your first stop. Where I am posing now, you’ll be lying on the floor. Not broken yet – I hope for us – but already cracked..

pia-c-26-10-15So, I’ve got plans for you mister…

But wait, that’s not all. (And no, this is no TelSell :)

The first 4 days I’ll be accompanied by my lifetime Friend, the one and only: Dominatrix Lisa. She has also some words for you.

That’s right subbies. For starters…


Masturbate for ME

I want to see how you come, I want to look right into your soul. So I, or we, can see the angles & handles to Dominate you from there…

Indeed, I’ll be joining Mistress Lady Pia from October 31st upto November 3rd. You can experience us 1on1 or Both at the same time; a Mistresses-trio with you as suffering subject.

Both superWomen have a Latexkleding wishlist: Pia & Lisa