Jan 192017

ava-woods-19-1-17At the dawn of the Trump Administration we felt that we have to commemorate this event. So we scrolled thru our database, local and online, and there was the bridge between the Trump(et) and Femdom/Findom:

LLadies & subgents get acquainted with the Lesbian, sadist Findom Mistress Ava Woods.

On Twitter she hasn’t really aimed her fight(s) on The Donald, yet, but menhood, fighting patriarchy, is one of her popular activities. Also well-informed and fact-checked.

So, it might be interesting what she has to say once the man with an ego as high as his tower sits in Office.

For Findom-slaves (you?) she could be the biggest challange to get her attention.

Mistress Ava Woods doesn’t have a website, but there are ways to contact and/or follow her:

Have fun, good learning & Gawd save us all :)

BTW – speaking about the paranormal, this is creepy in relation to mistâh Trump