Apr 262017

She has been retired from active professional Domination for quite some time now, but still present & kicking at Dominatrix gatherings and parties.

However, foralmost Lady Ellen is Mistress’ Trainer/Coach in the whole wide spectrum of Femdom.

Her residence is San Diego, California. So, visiting her for Masterclasses Mistressclasses won’t be a punishment. Please, if you do, say greetings from us. She doesn’t know us, but her reputation in some Femdom innercircles of Northwestern Europe is slightly short of legendary.

Dec 172016

“Ms Tytania often receives visits from her dominant and vanilla girlfriends in her Femdom household. She loves organising tea and prossecco afternoons to catch up on all the latest scene gossip but also, to introduce her vanilla girlfriends into Femdom. She calls it The Department For The Ladies’ Well-Being: where women gather to enforce Full Female Supremacy in an informal style.”


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Nov 042016

Her Royal Highness Countess Cane is a New York Mistress and rather active. Her website offers loads of information, as well as for Dommes, as for subgents.

This is She…


… and this her voice and what she’s got to say:
Listen to “HRHCountessCane” on Spreaker.

Mar 192015

Caramel-tour-2015Madame Caramel is a busy Woman nowadays. One moment she works from Dubai, and the other she Dominates London, or appears in Bucharest Romania or somewhere in The States. These days she pays The Pays Bays, The Netherlands, a harshfull visit.

I arrive the 19th till 23rd. Limited bookings only in a Domestic setting with a possibility of double Domme and Bi sessions.

No only the travelling Black Mistress is invited by elderly statesmen who let her punish their fucking brains out because they have got to deal with too much power in everyday life (I’m sorry, here in The Netherlands we’ve just had elections ;). Also Women request the probably hardest ánd caring Dominatrix on the planet to coach them along the ins and outs of true Female Domination.

But luckily for many Madame Caramel has an open eye and ear and willing whip for the average Joes, like you and I. If you’re into it of course, and if you can bear her purgation. Here on the right you’ll see her planned schedule. You can contact her directly – don’t be afraid, as previous said, she’s very caring also – on this page. <- Nice booking questionnaire btw.


Nov 222014

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From: Lady Bellatrix
To: Klapjes [mailto:info@klapjes.nl]
Sent: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 18:09:08 -0500
Subject: Re: Published | Re: Amsterdam

Hello Richie, just an email to say many thanks for positing this. The response has been fantastic.

Keep me posted (…)


Oct 182014

Yo, twijfelaars! Klik op het plaatje hieronder om je van de laatste stand van zaken op de hoogte te stellen van hét Fetish & BDSM-event van België en omstreken. Maar eh… BEKIJK het plaatje en weet dat je je toegangsbewijs moet bewaren, dan doe je mee aan een bingo/raffles om allerlei mooie dingen te winnen.

Maar wacht! Er is nog méér. Je kunt nog steeds een GRATIS toegangsbewijs verdienen. De organisatie heeft het aantal VRIJKAARTEN voor Klapjes vandaag gesteld op 5 (er zijn er al een stuk of 8 uitgegeven). Service van hún en onze zaak.