May 032017

Are you on Twitter? If you are, and you see this, you must have heard about Dirk Hooper‘s Fetish Follow Train. We only understond the potential after Goddess Tabi‘s question.

We’re too lazy and slightly reserved to follow every RT, but we connect with She-profiles behind the comments.

Either way: Hooper’s selections are eye-candy upto utterly disturbing.

You have been warned.

May 012017

Most Femdom photo’s with a top-down angle we swipe to the right so to speak (or left, we haven’t got Tinder :) Either way; to the irrelevant side.

And yet, this one is for us a true Femdom pic. Why? The Mistress relaxes and the photographer sits on his(/her) knees. Or is a midget :) Either way: you ‘smell’ worship at this one.

Dominatrix Lisa

1 – 15 May Antwerpen
16 – 28 May Dubai
Apr 292017

In Klapjes’ mixed-tongue time (NL/Eng.) we got acquainted with the London Mistress Eve. But that has been quite a while.

Today we stumbled upon the most appealing picture of the week, unreal. So we went to her site and found out that her digital domain underwent a complete make-over. Have fun!

Apr 262017

She has been retired from active professional Domination for quite some time now, but still present & kicking at Dominatrix gatherings and parties.

However, foralmost Lady Ellen is Mistress’ Trainer/Coach in the whole wide spectrum of Femdom.

Her residence is San Diego, California. So, visiting her for Masterclasses Mistressclasses won’t be a punishment. Please, if you do, say greetings from us. She doesn’t know us, but her reputation in some Femdom innercircles of Northwestern Europe is slightly short of legendary.

Apr 212017

Admirers know her: The Katwoman (meeeeow), Findom/EroFemdom Mistress and ex-pornstar.

Lately she resided and worked in Paris, France, but this week we saw she moving back to London again.

16th April 2017
Well Hello There Kit Kats
Good News For Some This Week As I Have a Indefinite Leave to Remain Now
I Will Be Move Back To London Next Week!!!
For Business & Being CEO of Erotica Porn Star PLC I Will Be Able To Do More
As The Offices Are In London!!!
See You All On Twitter

Apr 072017

She’s been, again, to Dubai UAE. If our information is right, she’s at this moment in the plane back to Antwerp (Belgium). Nevertheless, we post her here in stead of our Dutch & Flemish site, because…

The weather will turn bad next week, so before you know it she’s on her way to the sun again! Meet (while you can :)

Dominatrix Lisa

Ruler of Princes

Apr 052017

Hów the honorable Dirk Hooper and his e-community exactly* chooses the weekly Fetish Phenom of the week, that will a new topic soon, but this week it is the voluptuous, strict, dark and fearsome

Mistress Veronica Vixen
‘commit forever’


Attention Californian/LA-slaves: Mistress Veronica has open positions for chauffeurs.

We guess it is about ReTweets and Likes, but which one weight more? We would go for RT’s, since these draw more attention to the Madame at hand.