How to get mentioned at klapjes?
Here the options

– 1- News
If you have Femdom related news, please send it to and your message will get on klapjes. Mistresses with a paid banner have priority. This is free and an ideal way to get your message out in the Femdom community.

Every posting also appears on our twitter account: (+/- 4,400 followers)

Prices excl. 21% VAT

-2- Paid banners

  •  Topbanner location 1 : € 285,- per month/30 days, 2 banner changes included (480px × 90 px)
  •  Mistresses location € 100,- for 2 months (150px × 225 px)

For both the topbanner as Mistresses location you’ll get in addition (at least) 2 blogroll postings a month while your advertisments are on site/in sight.

-3- Other paid content
Do you have a better idea? Let us know!

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