Apr 292017

mujer soltera valencia http://HILOFUDOSAN.COM/51310-differin-price.html In Klapjes’ mixed-tongue time (NL/Eng.) we got acquainted with the London Mistress Eve. But that has been quite a while.

additional hints Today we stumbled upon the most appealing picture of the week, unreal. So we went to her site and found out that her digital domain underwent a complete make-over. Have fun!

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Apr 212017

http://educatedangler.com/dwonwik/nired/1881 propranolol uk award Admirers know her: The Katwoman (meeeeow), Findom/EroFemdom Mistress and ex-pornstar.

Lately she resided and worked in Paris, France, but this week we saw she moving back to London again.

16th April 2017
Well Hello There Kit Kats
Good News For Some This Week As I Have a Indefinite Leave to Remain Now
I Will Be Move Back To London Next Week!!!
For Business & Being CEO of Erotica Porn Star PLC I Will Be Able To Do More
As The Offices Are In London!!!
See You All On Twitter


Feb 272017

Chilling in London sitting in my penthouse suit, slowly pulling up my stocking. With a big cleavage black, hauled leather dresses I’m waiting for my next slave. The view from the ceiling-high windows is breathtaking. The doorbell, it rings …


I light a cigarette and take a deep zip with pleasure. Meanwhile, 15 minutes after ringing passed. My pure-sex Louboutin standing in front of me, I slip first in with the one foot then with the other and walk so slowly to the door. In front of me stands a man, at my sight he falls to his knees and lowers his gaze

“My mistress…”

I observe him. In my right hand I lift the cigarette and he immediately forms his hands to a bowl and catches my ashes “thank you mistress”. Without a word, I turn around and go into the suit, he creeps on his knees behind me.

“Undress”, I command him. The man, who was otherwise full of pride and power, now kneels before me, his outer caramel skin, his trained body all for my pleasure now.

Tik, tok, tik, tok it echoes at every step of me.

“Let’s see what I have in my toy box” and grab the big black strap-on.

“Go to the window.” He crawls nervously to the window and looks out, his eyes always flitting to the right side building. I laugh “Are you afraid someone sees you here?” He answers nervously “Yes, Mistress”, the fear and excitement is written in his face. “Well, then to the window!” The strap-on is now strapped, I let my hand glide up and down. He gazed at me as if he were stuck.

Tik, tok, tik, tok…

I stand before him, hold his chin up and let him blowjob the strap. My hips fuck his throat as I lower and push him until he strangles. Now I turn him to the window

“So now your ass!” He stretches it towards me.He looks anxiously out of the window again. Since I am in a good mood I work his asshole with some lubricant and penetrate with a violent jerk into him. Push him deeper, ever more violently, he moans with pleasure and pain. Forgetting is the fear of being seen. Abruptly I stop and pull the strap out “Enough for today.”

“Mistress, I have a request…”

REQUEST? I sit there silent looking at him let him. “I am thinking about whether you are worthy of being my slave!” Later in the evening, I hold a contract in my hands and wonder if he’s useful enough.

The contract

This is the contract between Mistress Lisa and slave number005 …

  1. The slave has to pay a monthly tribute of at least € ***
  2. The Mistress gets a card for his account and has access to it at any time
  3. The slave always obeys the mistress, and will adore her and carry her on her hands
  4. If the mistress should be in a bad mood, she can lift her spirit any time on his suffer and costs
  5. If the slave not obeying and do what she asked, he will be punished as the mistress considers it appropriate
  6. The slave serves only his mistress and is always keen to make the mistress happy. He puts the needs of his mistress over his own
  7. The slave will not be around other women. He serves exclusively his mistress. If he fails to do so he will be punished
  8. The slave accepts all the punishments and humiliations from the mistress
  9. The slave is completely owned by his mistress . All his belongings he gives to his mistress
  10. The mistress will never be questioned
  11. The slave has no rights
  12. The slave never complains
  13. All what happens and is carried out is agreed
  14. The mistress has the right at any time to withdraw from the contract against the slave only with a punish fee!

To be continued
Dominatrix Lisa

  • Dubai 1-16 March
  • Berlin 27-30 April
Dec 172016

“Ms Tytania often receives visits from her dominant and vanilla girlfriends in her Femdom household. She loves organising tea and prossecco afternoons to catch up on all the latest scene gossip but also, to introduce her vanilla girlfriends into Femdom. She calls it The Department For The Ladies’ Well-Being: where women gather to enforce Full Female Supremacy in an informal style.”


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Nov 182016

As a (semi-)professional blogger for an interesting niche like the Femdom C/community, one sometimes has to find a reason to post an article, just because the laptop carries for days a picture. This picture –

professional-dominatrix-manchester-mistress-lola-ruin-website-3This pic is not really hot or something to me, but it is tantalizing…

show http://sebastiancorreal.com/68676-permethrin-cream-uk.html “Who is this Woman who is looking at me?”

Well, this is Mistress Lola Ruin, from Manchester Engeland, and the news”fact” is that she’s coming to London (wow! :)

https://www.coventrypest.com/35551-adapalene-gel-price.html еxtrapolate Enjoy her site, you might enjoy her online movies for sale and enjoy her wrath :)

PS – In Dutch, you might know this blog originates from The Netherlands, RUIN means castrated stallion :) (And the Mistress already knows it.)

Oct 262015

NL-vlag-VLCome to my temporary Queendom in the UK (London). You’re permitted to enter our room.

pia-a-26-10-15ON YOU KNEES

(nicely done, good on you)

I’ll be here from October 31st upto November 7th. My phone number for the UK is:  (++44).(0)74.25.766.468 or you can mail to the known e-address: ladypia@outlook.com

Here, let me get you acquainted with the shower, your first stop. Where I am posing now, you’ll be lying on the floor. Not broken yet – I hope for us – but already cracked..

pia-c-26-10-15So, I’ve got plans for you mister…

But wait, that’s not all. (And no, this is no TelSell :)

The first 4 days I’ll be accompanied by my lifetime Friend, the one and only: Dominatrix Lisa. She has also some words for you.

That’s right subbies. For starters…


Masturbate for ME

official site I want to see how you come, I want to look right into your soul. So I, or we, can see the angles & handles to Dominate you from there…

Indeed, I’ll be joining Mistress Lady Pia from October 31st upto November 3rd. You can experience us 1on1 or Both at the same time; a Mistresses-trio with you as suffering subject.

Both superWomen have a Latexkleding wishlist: Pia & Lisa
Mar 262014

Lady-Bellatrix-1st-posting-b check here I am Strict Mistress from London and will be making My first voyage to Amsterdam. I am a high protocol Dominatrix and a wide range of BDSM activities from the sensual to the sadistic. I may be petite, but I am a force to be reckoned with. Be assured… the path to enslavement offers fulfilment you would not otherwise experience.

Lady-Bellatrix-1st-posting my blog I will be in Amsterdam to celebrate My birthday on April 27. But I will be bringing My best friend from Vancouver along. Discover More Miss Jasmine is also celebrating her birthday; on April 24. Not only do we make a devastating duo as Pro-Dommes, but we are also real childhood girlfriends! Miss Jasmine and I share a unique passion for sadism, seduction and the destruction of male egos. Raping wallets and breaking hearts as we charge through the canals of the red light district.

homme cherche vierge Join us on our four day Mistress birthday bash when we will celebrate, seduce, work and play hard ; )

Miss Jasmine and I are also keen to film while we are in Amsterdam. rencontrer mere celibataire If you have some experience filming Femdom clips and videos, please get in touch!

Things we enjoy together –

  • Extreme tease and denial
  • Hardcore humiliation
  • Sissification
  • Corporal punishment (with or without marks)
  • Strap on play – get spit roasted by two gorgeous Ladies!
  • Human toilet
  • Verbal humiliation
  • Roleplay