Apr 252017

From our position there’s not much to say, yet, about Domina Zephearia. She operates from Toronto, Canada, she hasn’t got a website and is, by times, rather active on Twitter.

#ProDomme , #Fetish aficionado, #BDSM educator, #BJJ grappler. To book sessions & BDSM workshops EMAIL: dominazephearia@yahoo.com

And yet, her look …

Apr 212017

Admirers know her: The Katwoman (meeeeow), Findom/EroFemdom Mistress and ex-pornstar.

Lately she resided and worked in Paris, France, but this week we saw she moving back to London again.

16th April 2017
Well Hello There Kit Kats
Good News For Some This Week As I Have a Indefinite Leave to Remain Now
I Will Be Move Back To London Next Week!!!
For Business & Being CEO of Erotica Porn Star PLC I Will Be Able To Do More
As The Offices Are In London!!!
See You All On Twitter


Apr 092017

We do not know her; not IRL and even not online. What we do know is her perspective, after she commanded:


The Klapjes editors came across this beautiful photo angle, the only perspective that suits Her and us. Dear readers, get acquainted with the German…

Fetish Diva Lady Vanessa

Apr 072017

She’s been, again, to Dubai UAE. If our information is right, she’s at this moment in the plane back to Antwerp (Belgium). Nevertheless, we post her here in stead of our Dutch & Flemish site, because…

The weather will turn bad next week, so before you know it she’s on her way to the sun again! Meet (while you can :)

Dominatrix Lisa

Ruler of Princes

Apr 052017

Hów the honorable Dirk Hooper and his e-community exactly* chooses the weekly Fetish Phenom of the week, that will a new topic soon, but this week it is the voluptuous, strict, dark and fearsome

Mistress Veronica Vixen
‘commit forever’


Attention Californian/LA-slaves: Mistress Veronica has open positions for chauffeurs.

We guess it is about ReTweets and Likes, but which one weight more? We would go for RT’s, since these draw more attention to the Madame at hand.

Mar 312017

Online (very!) active, also Head Hostess of other models, and (we presume) once you’re aboard and you want to take (a suffering) part in the productions She makes, contact is easy…

Get to know the Destroyer of men. How far WILL She take you…

Mistress Tangent

Shout-out provided by Dirk Hooper
Mar 312017

Nice… Many of you have taken a BDSM-orientation test on Fetlife. But that one is behind a registration wall. For us new, there is now a more direct accessible test. And anonymous.


Mind you, the average duration is about 15 up to 30 minutes. Here is what the results look like: online and there’s even a printable PDF.

Happy testing!

Mar 302017
Do you want to be on the cover of a rather well-known fetish magazine?

It’s not thát difficult…

Here is what they say

  • Email the image to info@fet-erotica.com
  • Subject heading should read “Fet-Erotica Cover Submission
  • Email should describe the image and provide credits for all members involved in creating the image.


Mar 262017

Manchester UK, city of workers, crafts(Wo)men, hard working people. City of machines also; worldwide the first place where machines made a difference and started the Industrial Revolution.

In this Manchester we don’t find it strange to find a Mistress ruling, with the smile of Manor’s Lady but with the stamina of the Working Class to use the machine on you until your kingdom comes.

Meet Miss Ruby Marks